Albums EPs & Singles – Wk #41

Inner Symphonies

Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher

Inner Symphonies

Traditional classical music can be stuffy, sure. But the work of Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher is anything but stuffy. This is modern classical music. It’s cinematic in scope. It’s both complex and experimental in terms of composition and instrumentation. But most importantly, it’s breathtaking. Inner Symphonies is a grand sonic adventure, like Lawrence of Arabia grand. It’s huge. And the fact that these incredible artists now belong to house Deutsche Grammophon is a testament to their superior talent. This album is fast becoming my favourite of 2021. Turn the lights off. Pour a drink. Settle in for an adventure. 

The Buoys – Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY DisasterThe Buoys

Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY Disaster

Sydney’s latest indie rock breakout The Buoys are going from strength to strength right now. And the release of their Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY Disaster EP is only likely to further their rise. This is a solid EP.  It bursts from the gates hard and fast with ‘Bad Habits,’ tapers in pace just a touch through the middle, and then plants the foot again to come home strong on ‘Drive Me Home.’ All of my favourite distortion-fuelled 90s feels without feeling dated. Press play. Rock out. Then play it again for good measure.  

Hiatus Kaiyote – Canopic JarHiatus Kaiyote

Canopic Jar

After releasing their critically acclaimed third album Mood Valiant earlier this year, the two-time grammy nominated genre bending badasses from Melbourne, Hiatus Kaiyote are back at it with ‘Canopic Jar.’ And in true Hiatus fashion it slays. This one takes on a certain Halloween inspired tone. There are real wolf recordings on this track, a cello recording from an empty water tank, and operatic organs. And it’s supreme. Love love love. Get on it, guys. HK can do no wrong.