Albums EPs & Singles – Wk. #42

 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, B-Sides & Rarities Pt. II

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

B Sides & Rarities

I’m always at odds with these projects. They feel more like exhibitions than albums. It’s great to explore new insights about the artists that I love, I just don’t know how often I’ll visit. At 1 hr 31 min, B Sides & Rarities Pt. II is a big listen. And in the words of the man himself, a “strange and beautiful collection.” If you’re a fan of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, you’ll love the journey. I certainly did. And as a fanboy I’m destined to buy the 7LP box set (I just can’t help myself). Though, how often I revisit the exhibition is another question entirely. A walk through new spaces and certainly one for the fans. 

Void of Vision, Chronicles 1: LustVoid of Vision

Chronicles 1: Lust

Melbourne metalcore legends Void of Vision lay down the fury in their savage four track EP Chronicles 1: Lust. At just over ten minutes in length, this is hard, fast, and frenetic stuff. Short, yes. But the pace’ll leave you panting and keen for a second pass – and then most likely a third or fourth. Standout tracks are ‘VAMPYR’ and ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE,’ with the latter smashing home the exclamation point on what is a very solid release. Turn it up loud.  Prepare to perspire. 

Lana Del Rey, Blue BanistersLana Del Rey

If you lie down with me

Lana Del Rey is in a league of her own. Norman Fucking Rockwell was a work of genius. Chemtrails Over the Country Club continued the legacy. And now Blue Bannisters – all in the space of 3 yrs! Her ability to perfectly depict the unease of modern America is unparalleled. It’s in the subtle kitsch of certain lines, her haunting – almost dystopian – themes and vocal deliveries. She is a master songwriter, and ‘If you lie down with me’ is another stunning example. Sit back and drink this one in. The horns are a subtle, simple, and masterful touch.