Quick and Easy Changes

Changes are done in less than a minute due to a screw mechanism for the headshell together with easy adjustments for tracking force and antiskating.

Always Correctly Adjusted

The pick up is correctly mounted and adjusted only once on the headshell. Subsequent changes do not require any new adjustments.

Fine Adjustment

The antiskating can be adjusted quickly and easily. The dial has a printed scale for guidance and no predefined settings.

Precision Skating Compensation

An ingenious mechanism with a specially shaped spring which guarantees optimal skating compensation over the entire playback range

Twin Gimbal Design

Due to the pivot points being arranged around the tonearm tube, on both sides in the vertical and the horizontal plane, the tilting momentum is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Precision Pivot Ball Bearing

The bearing design is almost free of play and guarantees the lowest friction. It consists of a small ball-bearing cup and a precise machined tip in the rotating shaft

Maximum Ease of Use

Playback can be started and stopped easily and conveniently at the touch of a button.

Without Compromise

During playback, the mechanics of the automatic system are decoupled from the tonearm and the platter.

Plinth: Solid MDF

  • Chassis construction with rubber bumpers
  • Bluetooth for audio and remote control functions
  • Surface option: walnut wood veneer

Platter: Aluminium 

  • Aluminium die-cast, longterm precision
  • Heavy rubber matt for resonance damping
  • Hardened steel spindle in a brass bushing 

Tone Arm: Twin Gimbal Design

  • All functions are fully automatic or manual 
  • Solid aluminium gimbal construction 
  • Pivot ball-bearings

Drive: DC Motor/Belt

  • Optical speed control at the motor
  • Rubber mountings for vibration decoupling
  • Precision cut belt for lower wow & flutter

Bluetooth: Uncomplicated with Comfort

  • Bluetooth audio signal to speakers, headphones or integrated systems
  • Maximum comfort. Remote control of functions via app
  • App for Android and iOS