Mission & LEAK: Modern Day Icons



On a Mission: A Brand Determined to Shake Up Fixed Conventions

Mission is one of the more nuanced, unique brands in audio design and manufacturing to come out of the UK. Famous for their Mission 770, an acclaimed two-way standmount model with bold aesthetic flare, Mission are also unique in the way they approach loudspeaker driver arrangement and design. Never backwards about going forward, Mission combines bold, brash and iconic design choices with a focus on musicality to deliver trademark listening experiences.

The Evolution of Mission

Foundation and Innovation (1977): Mission Electronics – established by Farad Azima and immediately heralded for pioneering advancements in acoustic engineering – set new standards in loudspeaker design.

Milestone Launch (1978): The now famous Mission 770 debuted in 1978, quickly becoming Mission’s best-selling speaker. A revolutionary product that featured the world’s first commercial polypropylene bass unit, 770 won over listeners & critics alike.

Culmination of Excellence (2001): Unveiling of the 'Pilastro' loudspeaker, the synthesis of a decades-worth of acoustic research and expertise, epitomising the zenith of high-end loudspeaker engineering. This iconic model cemented Mission’s legacy, influencing subsequent series like the lauded Elegante and SX.

Strategic Evolution (2003): Transition through a management buyout, redirecting focus towards retail expansion and substantial investment in avant-garde manufacturing technology, underscoring Mission's dedication to quality and innovation.

Collaboration with IAG (2005): Strategic partnership initiated, moving production and engineering operations to IAG’s cutting-edge facilities in Shenzhen, further enhancing Mission's engineering prowess and product offerings.

Leadership by Peter Comeau (From 1999): Under the stewardship of Peter Comeau, an illustrious figure in acoustic design, Mission has consistently garnered acclaim and accolades (What Hi-Fi? Best Loudspeaker 2000, 2001; EISA Speaker of the Year 2001, 2003; Home Cinema Choice Best AV System 2004), solidifying its position at the forefront of audio excellence.

On a Mission to be Different

Maybe what makes Mission most different to competing loudspeaker manufacturers is its approach to driver configuration. Since 1979, Mission have chosen to invert their driver arrangements, opting to place mid/bass drivers above treble units. Mission's Inverted Driver Geometry (IDG), which rests at the core of their design philosophy, is said to improve time alignment, helping to create a more rhythmic, musical performance in their loudspeakers.

Missioni 770 Standmount Loudspeakers (walnut)

Mission 770 Standmount Loudspeakers (walnut)

The Modern Rebirth of a Mission Icon: Mission 770

Mission's famous 770 might just be the most iconic loudspeaker aesthetic in modern history. It's big white front baffle; its big white polypropylene driver; Mission's logo written boldly across the front baffle: it's polarising, to be sure. But utterly unmistakable. And it's modern reimagining by renowned acoustic designer Peter Comeau is nothing short of spectacular.

Once again manufactured in the UK, the all-new Mission 770 has set a new benchmark for performance in the big box, heritage loudspeaker market. It's What Hi-Fi?s Best Standmount Speaker Over £2500 and SoundStage Network's Product of the Year 2023. It's become the reference speaker for YouTube reviewer Pursuit Perfect System. And it's once again Mission's top selling loudspeaker.

Mission LX MKII Series in Walnut

Affordable Audiophile Offerings are Mission Possible: LX Series

There's no shortage of players within the entry-level loudspeaker market, so standing out takes real talent. Mission's acclaimed LX Series is not only affordable, its breathtakingly beautiful too, delivering "a huge slice of fun that few rivals can get close to." What HiFi?

The Series includes three standmount models, LX 1 MK II, LX 2 MK II, LX 3 MK II; three floorstanding models LX 4 MK II, LX 5 MK II, LX 6 MK II; two centre channel models LX C1 MK II, LX C2 MK II, as well as as cinema surround speaker LX 3D MK 11. Beginning at just $399.99, LX Series offers incredible value for money, allowing listeners to build the music and movie system of their dreams at a fraction of the cost.

Make This Your Next Mission

Were it Mission's revived 700 series alone, with the acclaimed 770 remake and its accompanying smaller standmount and bookshelf models, Misison 700 and 750 respecitively, Mission would be a markedly different loudspeaker company from the competition, and well worthy of your attention. But it's not just their recent Heritage series that stands out.

With Peter Comeau at the helm, the strength and proficiency of IAGs support, Mission are making serious waves in all areas of audio. The all-new Mission 778X integrated amplifier is a recent Five-Star What HiFi? recipient. 45W in 8ohms of Class A/B power with inbuilt phono, onboard DAC, Coaxial, Optical, PC USB and Bluetooth aptX, it's an incredible amplifier within a half-width casing, and built to perfection.

Mission, with its sights set firmly on making a distinct difference within the world of audio, is one brand worth your time and attention.

LEAK Sandwich 150 and STEREO 230

Decades of Superiority: How LEAK Redefined High-Fidelity Audio

Founded in 1934, H. J. Leak & Co Ltd quickly established itself with innovations like the 1945 Type 15 amplifier, pioneering 'negative feedback' technology. The brand gained international acclaim following a successful 1949 tour and the adoption of the TL/12 by the BBC. In 1961, LEAK pioneered cone driver technology by sandwiching together multiple materials to form a single cone membrane. They called their subsequent loudspeakers LEAK Sandwich, and they soon became a wild success.

IN 1963, LEAK introduced the Stereo 30, the company's first transistor amplifier, signalling a technological shift in the market. And the combination of Sandwich and Stereo 30 helped solidify LEAK as a powerhouse in home audio and consumer electronics. However, by 1969, Harold Joseph Leak had retired and sold the LEAK brand to the Rank Organization, which by 1996 had gone into hibernation. LEAK saw a revival in 2020 under the IAG Group, reintroducing classic designs with modern technology, highlighting LEAKs enduring legacy within the audiophile community.

Past Meets Present: LEAK's Modern Philosophy is founded on Heritage

Heritage audio has enjoyed a boon in recent years, and to little surprise. Major brands in distant markets have long capitalised on our favour for classic design: Converse and its iconic Chuck Taylor hightops; BMW's acquisition of Mini in 1994 and the reintroduction of a modern Mini in 2001. We humans have long been attached to designs of the past, designs that evoke within us emotional connections, and feelings of individual self expression, high quality craftsmanship and psychological stability. It was only a matter of time before Audio caught on.

LEAK is the epitome of nostalgia, a brand that exclusively manufactures heritage audio pieces using classic designs that incorporate modern technological advancements. You buy LEAK because you love heritage HiFi. Because heritage HiFi feels like true HiFi to you. Because you want all the modern advancements of the last 50yrs in a chassis that looks like it would've sat in Jimi Hendrix living room... because the originals did!

LEAK STEREO 230 Integrated Amplifier

STEREO 230: Fusing Classic Design & Modern Tech

STEREO 230 integrates the heritage aesthetic of its 1960s predecessor with bang-up-to-date modern functionality, offering 75W per channel of Class A/B output and modern connectivity needs, such as HDMI ARC, PC USB, Coaxial, Optical, and aptX Bluetooth – all supported by an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC. And thanks to its onboard JFET-based moving magnet phono stage, for exceptional vinyl playback, it's perfect for more traditional listening modalities, too. Rooted in the 60s art-deco motif, 230 encapsulates a bridge between classic appeal and contemporary technological prowess, ensuring it meets the standard of serious audio enthusiasts that appreciate the beauty of enduring design.

LEAK Sandwich 250 Standmount Loudspeakers

Sandwich 250: Sound You'll Want to Sink Your Teeth Into

Sandwich 250 showcases a unique Aluminium-Foamcore Sandwich cone technology, engineered for the optimal balance of lightness and rigidity, significantly minimising distortions common in conventional cones. Combined with the cabinet's braced multilayer sandwich construction, which is itself a "sandwich" of various timbers bonded by a layer of damping glue, LEAK efficiently dampens unwanted vibrations, enhancing the fidelity of 250s unique cone construction. And by marrying advanced acoustic engineering with traditional aesthetics, aesthetics like aluminium trims, traditional timber veneers, and classic cloth grilles, Sandwich 250 is an art-deco dream that delivers exquisite audiophile-grade listening experiences.

The New LEAK legacy: Giving New Listeners Something Unique

By merging historic design with innovative technologies, LEAK has cemented its place in the contemporary audio space for listeners with a taste for the classic. Not classic sound, classic style. Since its inception, LEAK pioneered industry advancements such as the negative feedback in amplifiers and multi-material cone drivers. And by tipping their cap to these technological integrations, today's LEAK not only enhances sound quality but also pays homage to the brand's rich heritage. LEAK products, exemplified by the STEREO 230 and Sandwich 250, embrace aesthetic qualities of the past while incorporating modern functionalities, make LEAK as a leader in the world of modern classic audio engineering and manufacturing. But, most importantly, LEAK offers its listeners the distinct difference they're looking for.