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Nina Simone - Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits & RemixesNina Simone

Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits & Remixes

Compilation albums are always touch and go because for most fans the best tracks are often the least loved. But goddamn do I love Nina Simone, and there are some genuine gems on this compilation. Take ‘Lilac Wine’ for example. It’s a stunning track. But you’re more likely to know it from Jeff Buckley’s Grace than Nina’s Wild as the Wind. And for me it’s really nice to have it here among her more popular work. Now, in addition to the rare gems, tack on a dozen different remixes from the likes of Sofi Tucker, HONNE, and Hot Chip, and this compilation does something wildly unique in its final act. It lifts, lightens, and modernises the last thirty minutes of the album. And it works! Nina’s music is incredible, but it can be quite dense. However, thanks to these well considered remixes, the album rather cleverly finishes on a refreshing note.

Naked Gypsy Queens - GeorgianaNaked Gypsy Queen


All genres of music go cold in the popular listening culture. Right now Hip Hop reigns supreme but it wasn’t long ago that Rock ruled the roost. Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, Joplin, the Stones, they’re the bands all serious listeners cut their teeth on, young and old, because they’re so incredible. Does rock need a renaissance? Maybe. Could Naked Gypsy Queens lead it? They do have all the hallmarks. Tennessee-bred, Nashville-based, loud, brash, unbridled and honestly just really fkn good. They’re young, hungry, and their debut EP Georgiana slaps. It smacks of classic rock but it’s in no way outdated or kitsch. It’s genuinely aggressive and raw. I loved it. In fact, I loved this EP so much I paid “stupid money” to pre-order it in black wax from the States. Needless to say, Georgiana gets two strong thumbs up from me.

Made in Paris – All I KnowMade in Paris

All I Know

With her wonderfully melodic electronic tunes, Melbourne-based DJ and music producer Made in Paris is fast turning the heads of fans and industry folk alike. Last year’s gorgeous single featuring Kaleida blew my mind, residing high among my top tracks of 2021. This year she teams up with Jannah Beth and Pantheon to deliver that Made In Paris brand-stamp of deeply emotive, atmospheric tunage. Truth. I know nothing when it comes to EDM. I can’t tell you the difference between techno, house, deep house, and honky tonk (I just threw that one in there). But I know good tunes when I hear them. And this is good shit. It’ll burry its way into your body until you can’t help but head-nod and swing the shoulders a little. Need to dance? This track comes highly recommended, and Made in Paris is certainly one to watch.