Albums EPs & Singles – Wk. #6

Korn Requiem Korn 


Korn owns a prominent spot in the audible collage of my adolescence. Their first three albums flawed the popular listening culture of the day, cementing a godlike status as the arbiters of rage in an age when distortion reigned supreme. These days it all feels like a forgotten memory, but a new Korn album does wonders to make the once fuzzy clear again. And in a surprise twist, Requiem is a ‘happy’ Korn album – if such a thing exists. For fans, it’s a no-brainer. There’s a ton here like. And for those never exposed to the sludgy and significantly dark nu-metal work of Korn, this is without doubt their most accessible album to date. Don your favourite all-black outfit, paint the fingernails, and play very very loud. Korn is back, baby.

Marissa Nadler - wrath of the cloudsMarissa Nadler

Wrath of the Clouds

Released as a companion piece to her recent studio album, Wrath of the Clouds EP features two covers and three previously unreleased original works by Marissa Nadler, the gothic dream-folk songstress from Boston. Nadler’s sound rests somewhere along an ominous country backroad, at a vague juncture between Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads and Lana Del Rey’s more recent artistic ventures. And if this sounds like a destination filled with potential sacrilege, I get it. But listen for yourself and tell me I’m wrong. Nadler’s work is dark, yes. But it’s also delicate, mystic, and undeniably beautiful. This EP is a real treat. And while I wasn’t privy to Nadler’s work before I ran into this rare gem, there’s a palpable excitement in me to now explore the entire back catalogue.

Mallrat – Your LoveMallrat

Your Love

Responsible for one of my favourite tracks of 2021 (R U High), Grace Kathleen Elizabeth Shaw, better known as Mallrat, doubles down on the sweet beats in 2022 with her latest single, 'Your Love'. Trap beats, glittery synths, and Grace’s radiant vocals combine to deliver yet another ear worm. There’s even a Gangsta Pat sample from Deadly Verses to put the exclamation point on Mallrat’s resolute production talents. So, am I at all bias because she also hails from BrisVegas? Maybe. But don’t let it detract from the fact that 'Your Love' is stunning. Best enjoyed behind dark shades with the sun up and the windows down on a salty road trip toward the great big blue.