Albums EPs & Singles – Wk. #4

Weezer - Ok HumanWeezer

Ok Human

Throwing out a fairly hilarious wink to Radiohead, Weezer waltz into 2022 with their 14th studio album, OK Human. Though, it's not exactly what you’d expect. Yeah, it’s still ladled with a decent dressing of irony (this is Weezer, after all). But the guitars are out in favour of piano tracks and stringed arrangements, in what can only be described as an ode to early prog rock albums like Pet Sounds and Sgt. Peppers. Does it work? Well, sorta. For the fans of everyone’s favourite irreverent 90s rock group, there’s plenty here to like. But for those who missed the boat, OK Human is unlikely to land. Either way, it’s well worth the listen to decide for yourself.

Hania Rani - Live From Studio S2Hania Rani

Live From Studio S2

Having just dropped a full-length studio album with long-time collaborator Dobrawa Czocher, this new release feels like a treat. For fans of Hania’s hypnotic piano compositions, and in particular this recording session, it's likely you've already seen Live from Studio S2 via YouTube (the video having amassed well over three million views). To now stream it in HiRes or better still purchase it on vinyl record is a real gift. This studio session is nothing short of magic, and something I’ve shared with dozens of friends since first watching it. So, it's no surprise here that I highly recommend you give this EP a listen. It's breathtaking. 

Camp Cope - Running With The HurricaneCamp Cope

Running With The Hurricane

‘Running With The Hurricane’ is the second single from Camp Cope’s forthcoming album of the same name, due for release in March. And just like their opening single, ‘Blue,’ this latest effort feels very much like a great band finding that next gear. All our favourite Camp Cope flavours are still there. The brutal honesty. The raw emotional delivery. Except this time around things are just a little more refined, a little more matured. And as a result each note cuts deeper, striking a more personal chord between artist and audience. It’s impressive stuff. And right now March couldn’t come soon enough.