Albums EPs & Singles – Wk. #3

Dope Lemon, Rose Pink CadillacDope Lemon

Rose Pink Cadillac

Dope Lemon cruise into 2022 in a Rose Pink Cadillac and it’s perfect timing. Because while this latest Lemon effort isn’t their finest, it’s without doubt their most relaxed. Cruise control is set to a slooow tempo on RPC as we all sit back and watch the scenery roll by. Is this the perfect Lemon album, no. Is it the perfect antidote to the pains of a pandemic overload? Oh, hell yes! Angus absolutely nails the chilled vibes our stress-induced lives so desperately need right now. So, slip on a pair of bordies, fix yourself a little coconut cocktail, and bang on Rose Pink Cadillac. It’s like taking an island holiday without leaving your living room. 

Lime Cordial, Idris Elba - Cordi ElbaLime Cordial, Idris Elba

Cordi Elba

If someone had said Idris Elba was releasing a music collaboration project in 2022, a whole stack of artists would’ve popped into my head. None of them would’ve been Lime Cordial. And yet once you’ve listened to Cordi Elba it’s hard to imagine a more perfect pairing. This EP just works. It’s light. It’s irreverent. It’s not trying to pose as anything other that what it is, which is simply a bunch of fun. These guys manage to beautifully navigate a fine line between not taking this project too seriously and not taking the piss. And the results are brilliant. 

Grace Cummings, RaglanGrace Cummings


I first saw Grace Cummings two years ago at a bushfire relief charity gig in Northcote. Cash Savage got me to the gig. But I went early to watch new talent I wasn’t familiar with. I was blow away. Cummings is one of those rare talents that writes and performs music with a spellbinding maturity more traditionally earned through many, many decades. Her debut album Refuge Cove is flawless and highly recommended. And Raglan is the latest single from her sophomore album Storm Queen, which dropped Friday, and which you can also bet I’ll be featuring next week. Get onboard, folks. I promise you’ll be thanking me.