Albums EPs & Singles – Week #38

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustine – A Beginner's Mind

Sufjan Steves & Angelo De Augustine

A Beginner's Mind

The creative process behind this album is pretty wild. Stevens and De Augustine would watch a movie in the evening, with titles ranging from Hellraiser to Point Break, and then write a song in response to the film the following morning. The end result is a gorgeous collection of tracks imbued with warmth and friendship. A delicate and worthy little listen.

Eves Karydas – RerunsEves Karydas


Intimate, energetic, and hella catchy,  Eves Karydas explores the Groundhog Day effects of being stuck in emotional loops on her killer pop EP, Reruns. Track #2 and early single release 'Lemonade' is an absolute ear worm. It’ll bury its way into your brain and have you humming the hook for days. Lots of fun this one. 

Rüfüs Du Sol – On My Knees Rüfüs Du Sol

On My Knees

Rüfüs Du Sol need no introduction. The Sydney pop group have been releasing indie dance bangers since their 2016 debut album Bloom. 'On My Knees' is the third single from their hotly anticipated October album, Surrender. And if the singles are anything to go by, it’s destined to be huge. Hit play and get amped.