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We know the struggle of being away from your stereo. All those unheard albums, all that listening time lost; it’s heartbreaking. So to combat stereo separation anxiety we developed WPod, Wharfedale’s first pair of wireless stereo earbuds, to ensure that no true music fan is ever separated from their stereo again.


Through CD Quality digital signal processing (DSP), we’ve carefully tuned WPods true to Wharfedale’s signature sound. We did this to ensure that cymbals crash, strings cry and bass notes thunder in truth to the original recording, just like they do at home with your loudspeakers.

By incorporating Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE), WPods give you four hours of continuous playback with an additional twelve hours auto-recharge – that’s 16hrs total playback. Meaning more listening and less charging.

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