Quad QC-24 Pre Amplifier - Classique - Manufacturer Refurbished

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A relatively new design, the QC-24 pre amplifier is both neutral and detailed. Using a military specification 6111 valve, which is so reliable, its hard-wired to the circuit board.

Everything on this pre amplifier has been designed by valve supremo Tim DeParavicini - probably the finest valve amplifier designer in the world today, to maintain optimum signal purity. From the relay switching to the gold-plated terminals, each component has been selected specifically for its audio performance.

The chassis is painted to match all Quad Valve Amplifiers, making it a perfect partner in all systems. For the analogue purist, the combination of a good valve amplifier and a good turntable is the closest possible approach to the original recording.

Whilst the standard QC-24 is line level only, there is an option of a solid-state phono stage which can be added when new, or at a later stage.

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