Mission LX-10SUB Subwoofer


Founded in the 1970s as a company dedicated to acoustic innovation, Mission quickly established itself as a leading loudspeaker manufacturer with models like the iconic Mission 700 the first of its kind to introduce inverted bass & treble arrangements. Today, Mission very cleverly fuses Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design to deliver on its mantra: music is the master, technology is the slave.

Surround speakers are about ensuring you never again pay a fortune for a night out at the movies. Why take out a loan for choc tops? A great surround speaker will have an Ethan Hunt halo jump over Paris at 30,000 ft shake the ice cubes in your G&T, which, wonderfully, you can pause to refill.


Film buff, hip-hop fan or symphonic connoisseur, it doesn't matter. Every inch of LX-10SUB MK II performs in service to your loudspeaker's dynamic punch, enhancing their overall performance and your ability to quite literally feel your entertainment.


LX-10SUB MK II features a 1 x 10" (250mm) long-throw paper cone delivering a frequency response between 40Hz - 200Hz. Harnessing a 200W power amplifier with a 350W peak power output, the LX-10SUB MK II delivers fast, accurate and compelling bass response.


LX-10SUB MK II utilises a 10" (250mm) long throw bass driver based on the same award-winning system found in Mission's flagship ZX series, all to ensure that the rocket boost of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit rattles the M&Ms in your bowl of Friday night movie treats.


A specially engineered 250mm paper cone, with increased self-damping, further reinforces the cone’s structural rigidity to deliver massive bass impact. So, you don't just hear the acceleration of a TRON light cycle race; you feel it.


Forget powering up and powering down your subwoofer every time you want to play. 10SUB MK II incorporates an auto power sensor sensitive enough to detect extremely low-level signals, engaging automatic activation of the subwoofer when required.


10SUB MK IIs continuously adjustable slope, from 35Hz to 150Hz (@33dB), enables seamless acoustic integration with your speaker’s performance. So, you can accurately adjust the subwoofer to do the low-end heavy lifting, taking the load off your loudspeakers.

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Mission LX-10SUB Subwoofer

Technical specifications

General Description Active Dynamic-Drive IB Subwoofer System
Drive Units 1 x (10") 250mm Cone Long-throw
Frequency Response 40 - 200Hz 33dB
Amp Power Output 200W
Peak Power Output 350W
Line Input Sensitivity 200mv for maximum output
Crossover Range 30 - 150Hz
Inputs Stereo Line in (2 x RCA phono); Mono (LFE) Line In (RCA) phono)
Input Impedance Line Input 10kΩ; LFE 5kΩ
Signal to Noise ratio >85dB
Avg. Max Output @ 1M 110dB
Features Phase Inversion, Auto On-off
Dimensions (HxWxD) 447mm x 312 x 407mm
Net Weight 16.0kg

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