Mission 778X Integrated Amplifier


Founded in the 1970s as a company dedicated to acoustic innovation, Mission quickly established itself as a leading loudspeaker manufacturer with models like the iconic Mission 700 the first of its kind to introduce inverted bass & treble arrangements. Today, Mission very cleverly fuses Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design to deliver on its mantra: music is the master, technology is the slave.

Integrated amplifiers cleverly combine both pre and power amplification stages. Responsible for attenuating speaker volume and input selection control from varying sources (CD players, network streamers, Blu Ray, etc), integrated amplifiers are a popular all-in-on choice for all listeners.


In 1984, twelve months following the successful release of their first stereo amplifier – an amp renowned for its distinctive narrow design, input selection, and build quality – Mission launched the Cyrus brand. This business would be an offshoot for electronics so as to focus on loudspeakers alone, making 778 Mission’s sole integrated amp… until now. With distinctive narrow design, a wide range of modern inputs, and incredible build quality, 778X is a modern reimagining of Mission’s acclaimed 80s amplifier, and proof positive that great design doesn’t age.


778X is a 2 x 45W into 8Ω Class AB integrated amplifier accomodating a wide selection of digital/analogue inputs. Featuring an inbuilt (MM) phono preamplifier, dedicated headphone amp, Reference ESS Sabre DAC, and Bluetooth connectivity, 778X is the complete package.


778’s narrow chassis was well ahead of its time. 778X adopts this forward-thinking feature to accomodate the increasingly compact nature of modern listening environments. At half the standard width of conventional stereo amplifiers, 778X allows you to do a lot more with a lot less.


Impeccably built and beautifully finished, 778X features traditional rotary dials within a solid aluminium chassis for a robust and tactile listening experience. Mission’s 778X is one for the ages, giving you timeless design that will stand the test of time.


Modernising a classic 80s amp requires a little X-factor. Enter wireless Bluetooth connectivity with aptX codec support. Now you can enjoy all your favourite podcasts & playlists in stunning resolution without connecting a thing.


It wouldn’t be a classic hifi reimagining without a high-quality, low-noise turntable input. That’s why 778X is fitted with a JFET-based moving magnet phono stage. It’s sound quality to inspire your quick dash back to the record store.


Looking for a more intimate music experience? 778X includes a dedicated headphone amp with current-feedback circuitry and high slew rate to ensure a dynamic, detailed and intimate audio experience. So you can be alone with your music.


With a whopping 45W into 8Ω (65W > 4Ω) of true Class AB power; with a 200VA low-noise toroidal transformer and 2x15000uF reservoir capacity; 778X’s tiny frame and big heart have full control over your music, delivering you remarkable dynamic range.


PCs, smart TVs, and wireless devices are our contemporary go-too entertainments. Not only does the 32-bit Sabre Reference DAC within 778X render these in breathtaking colour, it transforms a once entirely analogue amplifier (Mission 778) into a digital entertainment powerhouse.


Featuring 2 x optical, 1 x coaxial, 1 x PC USB, 2 x aux, and 1 x phono (MM) inputs – plus Bluetooth connectivity, 778X delivers up a wealth of entertainment options to satisfy your every audio obsession. And a few you don’t yet posses.

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Mission 778X Integrated Amplifier

Technical specifications

Power Amplifier Section
Rated Power Output 2 x 45W (8ohms) 2 x 65W (4ohms) Class AB
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.5dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 108dB (ref. 45W A-weighted)
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.005% (30W / 8ohms)
Preamplifier Section
Gain +0dB (line), +47dB (Phono MM)
Input Sensitivity 540mV (Line, Vol. = 0dB); 2.5mV (Phono MM Vol. = 0dB)
Input Impedance 10K (Line); 47K // 100pF (Phono MM)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.1dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 110dB (Line A-weighted) 
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.003%
Analogue Inputs 2x Aux,1 x Phono (MM),
Digital Inputs 1 x Coaxial, 2 x Toslink Optical, 1 x PC USB, 1 x Bluetooth (aptX/AAC)
Audio Outputs 1 x Coaxial, 1 x Toslink Optical, 1 x RCA (PRE Out)
D to A Converter ESS Sabre32 ES9018K2M
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.001% (1kHz @ 0dBFS)
Max. Sampling Frequency Optical/Coax: 192kHz; PC USB PCM384kHz, DSD256
Included Accessories Remote Control, Power Chord, User Manual, Antenna
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 98 x 236 x 380.6mm
Weight 6.3kg
Colour Choice Black or Silver

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