Mission 750 Speakers (New Release)



Founded in the 1970s as a company dedicated to acoustic innovation, Mission quickly established itself as a leading loudspeaker manufacturer with models like the iconic Mission 700 the first of its kind to introduce inverted bass & treble arrangements. Today, Mission very cleverly fuses Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design to deliver on its mantra: music is the master, technology is the slave.

Bookshelf speakers are often cited for being affordable, compact, and efficient. So, they’re cost effective, easy to position and require less amp power – making them a highly attractive option. While they don’t produce the same presence as floorstanding speakers, they’re often thought to produce better imaging properties.


Mission never made a 700 series bookshelf model in the 70s. But the demand for a small standmounter exhibiting its iconic true timber and white baffle aesthetic was just too great. Yes, Mission 750 is an entirely new modern classic. But its design is heavily steeped in the award-winning DNA of Mission 770, offering small-room HiFi fans a taste of greatness from what is arguably the most recognisable, most iconic speaker model in recent history.


Mission 750 is a 2-way standmount loudspeaker featuring a 1.25" (28mm) soft dome treble unit and a 5.25" (135mm) mineral-loaded polypropylene mid/bass driver. With its 355 x 216 x 270mm cabinet dimensions, Mission 750 is ideal for small-to-medium sized listening spaces.


Whispering strings explode into thundering orchestral choruses with vigour; instruments maintain their individual tone and musical texture; and note by note your albums soar free of mechanical resonance and cone deformations. Put simply, 750s all-new mid/bass driver and model-specific motor system is pure magic.


A 1.25" (28mm) coated microfibre dome (sporting a specially damped rear chamber) eliminates unwanted colouration, extends frequency range, and smoothes the harsh bite associated with more detailed HF drivers. Oh, and it sounds eerily close to the multi-award-winning UK made Mission 770.


White front baffles wrapped in gorgeous true timber veneers (available in rich black or walnut) make an iconic statement in your listening space. And with removable magnetic speaker grilles, you can either lean into Mission's unmistakable history or tone it right back.


Inverted Driver Geometry positions the treble unit below bass and midrange drivers, equalising the signal paths between loudspeaker and listener. This finely tunes the speaker's timing to ensure that your favourite recordings are snappier, more lively, and ultimately more enthralling.


The highest melodic highs rest on strong foundations. That means bass. A custom-profiled rear reflex port aids bass extension while increasing speaker efficiency. So, Mission 750 gives your music foundational support and your amp the authority to drive each track home.


A multi-layer sandwich construction creates anti-resonant cabinet walls. A long-hair fibre foam lining dampens internal driver resonances. And intelligent, computer-aided spot bracing reinforces these features to produce a silent cabinet free from the distortions that cloud and colour your finest musical details.


From the finest ears in audio (Peter Comeau) comes a custom-designed crossover, finely tuned over hundreds of hours of deep listening and aided by computer optimisation. Because not knowing where the high frequencies end and the midband begins means losing yourself in the music.

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Mission 750 Speakers (New Release)

Technical specifications

General Description 2-way vented-box / standmount
Bass Driver 5.25" (135mm) mineral loaded polypropylene cone
Treble Driver 1.25" (28mm) soft dome
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 86dB
Recommended Amp Power 25-100W
Peak SPL 103dB
Nominal Impedance
6Ω (Compatible 8Ω)
Frequency Response (=/-3dB) 48Hz - 20kHz
Crossover frequency 2.4Hz
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 355 x 216 x (270 + 35) mm
Weight 9kg/pcs

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