DX-3 HCP 5.1 Speaker System


Wharfedale is the British heavyweight champion of value-for-money loudspeakers. Every single component, from woofer cone to cabinet, is both designed and built in-house. This creates unparalleled quality control while maintaining the lowest possible price. And with a range that extends from entry-level to extreme luxury, Wharfedale has a specific loudspeaker to suit you – anywhere along your audio journey.

Home Cinema Packs are surround sound loudspeaker bundles to be paired with home theatre receivers. They’re broken into two camps: standard and Atmos. Standard surround systems are arranged in groupings of 5.1, 7.1, 9.2, etc. The first number corresponds to the number of loudspeakers within the system: bookshelf / floorstand / centre channel. The second number corresponds to the number of subwoofers within the system. Atmos systems are arranged in groupings of 5.1.2, 7.1.4, 9.2.4, etc. The first two numbers are the same as standard systems. And the last number refers to the number of Dolby Atmos or overhead speakers within the system.


Modern entertainment spaces demand subtle, intimate, and impactful loudspeaker suites that read the room, beautifully adapting to, rather than overpowering, their surroundings. DX-3 HCP redefines the impact of compact, affordable home theatre loudspeaker suite. It's the equivalent of a low-budget film director delivering this summers biggest block buster.


DX-3 includes four satellite 2-way bookshelf speakers, a 2-way centre channel, and one 70W self-powered subwoofer. With small cabinet dimensions, closed-box designs, and critically acclaimed sound quality, DX-3 is the ideal home theatre loudspeaker suite for small-to-medium living/listening spaces.


The latest DX loudspeaker leans more on the award-winning Diamond Series than ever before, inspiring cabinet and driver designs that closely mirror the precise cut and carat of Wharfedale's most successful series to date.


The all-new and powerful 3" (75mm) woven polypropylene mid/bass drivers don't just generate sound; they expertly elicit a range of intense physiological responses like increased heart rates, pupil dilation, and goosebumps, all to draw you deeper and deeper into your favourite film feature.


A modified rendering of the Diamond 12 HF driver, DX-3s 19mm silk dome treble units improve frequency integration. So, rather than elements of your sound standing alone like an indie film at the Oscars, DX-3 creates a more harmonious listening experience.


DX-3 cabinet bodies employ a stunning laminate inspired by Diamond 12 finishes. With high-gloss baffles housing revised drive units, inset behind protective fixed grilles and surrounded by chrome trims, these stunning loudspeakers are available in Walnut or Black Oak.


Vocal clarity is the aim of any serious centre channel speaker, and DX-3 perfectly articulates a versatile range of tone and pitch variation with precise timing and rhythm to ensure that you never reach for the remote mid-way through your movie. 


A 70W digital amplifier, serving up 150W of peak power, ignites a 200mm long-throw driver to deliver powerful bass impact. So, you don’t just hear the slow-mo shockwaves of Agent Smith unloading a full clip at Neo from a rooftop high-rise within the Matrix; you feel it.


"Its unassuming, compact footprint may give the impression that it will deliver a small sound to match, but this is far from the case. The DX-3 not only sounds bigger than its predecessor, but it holds its own in the wider home cinema speaker package market." - What Hi*Fi?


DX-3 loudspeakers are fitted with simple, intuitive wall-mounting brackets to save you the time, effort, and expense of finding the perfect loudspeaker stands. So you can go from unboxing to a buttery box of popcorn in a flash.

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DX-3 HCP 5.1 Speaker System

Technical specifications

Bass driver 3"(75mm) woven polypropylene
Treble driver 3/4" (19mm) silk dome
Sensitivity (2.38v @1m) 86dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 25-100W
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 100Hz - 22kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB) 100Hz
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 190 x 120 x 122mm
Net weight 2kg/pcs
Bass Driver  3" (75mm) woven polypropylene
Midrange Treble Driver 3/4" (19mm) silk dome
Sensitivity (2.83v @1m) 87dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 30-100W
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 80Hz - 22kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB) 70Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D ) 120 x 310 x 122mm
Net Weight 2.7kg
Bass Driver 8" (200mm) woven polypropylene cone
Amplifier Power Output 70W
Crossover Range 40 - 150Hz
Inputs Stereo Line In (2 x RCA Phono)
Input Impedance  Line in 10kΩ 
Features Low pass filter slope adjustment
Phase inversion
Auto on-off
Dimensions ( H X W D ) 328 x 268 x 322mm
Net Weight 7.8kg

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