Cabasse Santorin 30-200 Subwoofer (Open Box)

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The Santorin 30-200 subwoofer uses technologies developed directly for the flagship La Sphère, which enable very deep and musical bass to be reproduced from a small cabinet. For music and movies the generous and dynamic output is both accurate and impactful, integrating with the rest of the system seamlessly, thanks to the downward firing 360° vertical vent technology.

12 inch Honeycombe Membrane
The honeycomb structure of the 12 inch woofer used in the Santorin 30-200 permits a long excursion without deforming and distorting. High sound levels are possible across a wide frequency range thanks to the long voice coil, Kapton former and powerful magnetic field of the woofer's magnet structure.

Down-Firing 360° Vertical Port
The horizontal vent has been replaced by a vertical one, down-firing in 360°. Vent noises are filtered, the standing wave phenomenon inside the cabinet damped, positioning of the speakers in relation to the wall less critical, low-frequency reproduction purer and deeper, always lively and dynamic.



Cabasse Santorin 30-200 Subwoofer (Open Box)

Technical specifications

Enclosure Type Down Firing Sealed Unit
Bass Driver 12 inch Honeycomb Dome
Amplifier Power 200 Watts/400 Watts Peak
Frequency Response 29Hz - 180Hz
Maximum SPL 104dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 430 x 380 x 470 mm
Weight 25kg
Colour  Black Pearl

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