Audiolab DC Block 6 Power Conditioner


Founded in the UK in the early 80s, Audiolab has earned world-wide acclaim for its combination of functional elegance and superior audio quality. With countless awards, as well as being the reference amplifier for Britain’s What Hi-fi? review team, Audiolab has established itself as one of Britain's leading audio electronics manufacturers. 

Power conditioners block AC waveform distortions (known DC on the mains) from interfering with the signal quality of audio electronics. In addition, they also remove both radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, significantly reducing noise distortion to increase music quality.


Bang for buck, power conditioning is the single best sonic improvement to a system. Silencing the noise that smothers your tunes lets your music breathe. With greater detail, stronger dynamics, and improved imagining, DC BLOCK 6 ensures that you hear much more for far less.


DC BLOCK 6 purifies the AC power flowing through your electronics, the lifeblood of their performance. By filtering contaminates caused by home appliances on your mains, DC BLOCK 6 lets the music through, revealing a level of depth and musicality formerly hidden.


DC BLOCK 6 not only improves transformer power capacity, it also reduces mechanical vibration and acoustic hum. By blocking the uneven use of AC energy, commonly referred to as ‘DC on the mains,’ it radically improves the performance of your amp’s transformer, the engine in your entertainment system.


DC BLOCK 6 includes a high-performance filtering circuit that removes the RFI/EMI contaminants smothering your audio quality. This helps reduce both differential-mode noise and common-mode noise caused by cheap switch-mode power supplies and airborne interference from phones, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth.


Housed in a sleek (black or silver) aluminium enclosure and built to accompany standard-with source and amp components, DC BLOCK 6 suits any home system. And with a switchable (on/off) front OLED voltmeter display, it’ll look right at home, too.


With six individually isolated outlets and six (IEC C14 to C13) cables to connect your electronics to those outlets, plus a mains power cable, DC BLOCK 6 unlocks and unblocks the true sonic potential of your entire entertainment system.


Because the only frequencies you want to hear are the rich, detailed ones from your favourite audio source.

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Audiolab DC Block 6 Power Conditioner

Technical specifications

Power requirements:  100-240V
Audio Power: Each receptacle loading 8A
Amplifier power compatibility:  Max total loading 10A
Dimensions (WxHxD):  444 x 78.4 x 306.4mm
Weight:  6.8kg
Finish:  Black or Silver

* Note: The audiolab DC BLOCK is designed for audio equipment with variable power requirements up to max. Peak Load and should not feed any permanent high power loads such as heaters or similar.

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