The Magic of Multiroom

More than wireless music, multiroom smart speakers are the early building blocks of smart-home entertainment and living. With a single touch, get the morning traffic report from your local radio station while making breakfast. To take or not to take the umbrella today? Simply ask Alexa for the weather. And be lulled into deep rest every night by the soothing echos of rainforest recordings. You see, intelligent multiroom home entertainment is so much more than just music; it’s smart living for modern lives.

Multiple Rooms Multiple Speakers

Multiroom speakers create an entire smart ecosystem, allowing you to customise the entertainment needs of each individual room or your whole home as one. So, the kids can rock out in their rooms while you play a podcast in the kitchen, or you can create the ultimate house party vibe by syncing each speaker in the entire home. It’s your choice and you get full control over everything, all from one easy-to-use app on your smart phones or tablets.

App Dancing

The beauty of smart speaker ecosystems are their effortless control. From a single app, you can select the music you want to listen to, the music service you prefer, what speaker is playing in which room, and the volume of that speaker – from anywhere in your home! Plus, you can group speakers together throughout the house or stereo-connect a single pair for some serious HiFi listening. It’s easy, effortless, and the future of smart living.

Stream McQueen

Sixty-one percent of all Aussies are now music streamers – up nine million accounts in just the last three years alone! And when you do the math it isn’t difficult to understand why. For a small monthly fee, a streaming service like Spotify gives you access to over 50 million music tracks, 4.5 million albums, 3 million individual music creators, and over 40 thousand new songs added daily. And thanks to Spotify connect, TIBO smart speakers are natively imbedded into the app. You simply select the speaker you wish to play and listen away – right from within their app. It's that simple.

Blue Tunes

Not only can friends connect without ever handing over your WiFi password, but Bluetooth capability ensures that you’re always powered for sound – even when the WiFi is down. Plus, Bluetooth lets you explore additional audio services from your any of your smart devices, such as voice activation speakers or audiobooks. A wealth of recent studies show that screen time before bed is seriously detrimental to a good night’s rest, making smart speakers the perfect entertainment companion before bed. Tuck the kids in for their nightly storybook session or settle into that last hour of the day with your favourite John Grisham. With Bluetooth, your options are open.

Ready SET Go!

Preset functionality is one-button bliss, customising each speaker for both the listener and the listening environment. We don’t always have our devices with us – especially when we’re getting ready for work. So with one touch, you can get local traffic updates from your favourite breakfast radio program while you’re brushing your teeth or you can que up your favourite go-to shower playlis. It’s easy, convenient, and completely screen-free. Just one of the many reasons why they’re called wireless ‘smart’ speakers.

Image Ref. Kameleon 6

Pigeon Pair

TIBO smart speakers let you to create TRUE stereo audio. By pairing two TIBO smart speakers, you can explore all your favourite artists and albums in vivid detail. Experience a new 3-dimensionality to your music with stereo imaging, soundstage, and dynamics. Plus, with Spotify offering a CD-quality HiFi subscription tier in 2021, true stereo fidelity will take your listening experience to greater depths, creating deeper connections between you and your music. Now that’s smart.

Alexa, Spell Discombobulated

Kameleon Touch & Chorus Tap are the first smart speakers in the TIBO ecosystem to incorporate Amazon Alexa. So with a single tap you can check the weather, the day’s date, or the best Thai restaurant nearby. Ask Alex to play your favourite preset playlist or radio station, or have Alexa spell discombobulated. We’re not sure why you would, but you can! It’s the beauty of Alexa. And with the ability to be your very own smart assistant, these speakers become the ultimate home office helpers. 

Image ref. Chorus Tap

Audio on the Line

Every speaker in the TIBO ecosystem includes a line-in option. So you can join the vinyl revival and build your very own classic HiFi system – one with all the mod cons, or you can go voice controlled with Google Play or Amazon’s Echo dot, turning any TIBO speaker into a voice controlled "smart" speaker. There’s an almost endless array of audio possibilities thanks to this very handy 3.5 Auxiliary input.