love is the right loudspeaker – pt. III

Prefer a certain vintage when it comes to the perfect loudspeakers? Have we got a match for you. We break down Wharfedale’s award-winning heritage models, showcasing the talents of these two modern classics, beautifully suited to the Audiolab 6000A. True love is the right loudspeaker this February. So, let the high fidelity rose ceremony begin, and let's help you find the perfect match.

LINTON – The Power of Three

Wharfedale Linton Heritage 3-way Loudspeaker in Black Oak

Wharfedale Linton Heritage

The first of our classic bachelors is a three-way powerhouse that, in it’s three short years since being reissued, has amassed a wealth of five-star reviews and awards. Linton features a 200mm woven Kevlar bass woofer, a 165mm woven Kevlar midrange driver, and a 25mm soft dome tweeter in a 3-way vented-box design. It has a 25-200W recommended amplifier range with 90dB sensitivity and a frequency response range between 40Hz and 20kHz. So not only does Linton reach low into the frequency range, its efficiency makes it perfect for the Audiolab 6000A.

So, how does it sound? In a word, big. Linton throws a lot of energy around the room. In its five-star What Hi*Fi? review, Linton was described as delivering ‘such fantastically open presentation of music’ that their listening space felt much much bigger. And they weren’t alone in their appreciation for this big sound. According to Hi-Fi Choice magazine, every recording they played through the Linton sounded ‘surprisingly large and expansive,’ which isn’t surprising when you consider its size. At 720 x 440 x 460 mm (and at at 22kg a piece), Linton is no lightweight. And in the end, it’s really the added baffle realestate that allows Linton to shine.

But beyond the sheer volume of energy these speakers project, Linton’s delivery is second to non. It’s tonally balanced, ensuring no one instrument dominates. It’s beautifully detailed, creating a ‘lively, vibrant rendition of anything you care to play through it’ – Hi-Fi Choice. And it’s fun. Linton is a really fun loudspeaker. ‘You could listen to these speakers for days and still not get tired’ – What Hi*Fi? But perhaps it’s Andrew Robinson, The Recovering Audiophile who just last year made Linton his Best Speaker Under 2.5K (USD), says it best. ‘These speakers are fricken awesome.’ So, with such incredible recommendations, could Linton be the loudspeaker of your dreams this Feb?

DENTON 85 – Everyday Excellence

Wharfedale Denton 85 Heritage Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Wharfedale Denton 85

The last bachelor in our heritage selection of loudspeakers is none other than Wharfedale’s Denton 85th Anniversary 2-way bookshelf. And it’s a beaut. Featuring a 165mm woven Kevlar mid/bass driver and a 25mm soft dome tweeter, with a frequency response range between 45Hz and 20kHz, and finished in the same solid timber surrounds as the Linton, Denton 85 looks as stunning as it sounds. And with a 20-120W recommended amplification range, at 88dB sensitivity, Denton is a perfect match for Audiolab’s 6000A integrated amplifier.

Materials, fit and finish. ‘They’re all exceptional,’ according to Andrew Robinson. Denton is the ‘epitome of simplicity and minimal design.’ But, how do they sound? Well, clear, full bodied, punchy and exciting beyond what you’d expect from their size, says Hi-Fi World. Denton has ‘a lively sense that makes modern small loudspeakers sound restrained.’ And it really does. Denton is a bit deeper, and bit wider than your average bookshelf speaker these days. And that added depth translates to audible gold. They’re simply fantastic loudspeakers. And, again, it’s Andrew Robinson who sums up the Denton beautifully. ‘They’re well crafted; they sound great; and for most people they represent all the loudspeaker anyone is every really going to need.’

Sounds like the perfect pairing for an Audiolab 6000A, just quietly. And at 25% off when purchased with the 6000A for the whole month of Feb, 2022, true love is truly affordable – and truly for life – thanks to Wharfedale and Audiolab.