Albums EPs & Singles - Wk. #46

Adele 30 Adele 


Heartbreak is the order of the day on Adele’s 30. But out of the ashes of personal tragedy emerges a stronger, more resilient women with the confidence to take greater musical risks. This is raw stuff. Emotionally charged, and confronting at times. But it’s undeniably powerful, and musically it’s unlike anything we’ve heard from Adele to date. Could this be her best album yet? We’ll let you decide that one. 

Pretty Girl - Middle GroundPretty Girl

Middle Ground

Melbourne’s Pretty Girl drops debut EP Middle Ground, a four-track foray into emotionally charged dance tunage that’s difficult to describe as anything other than a total vibe. With stunning vocals (reminiscent of Chloe Kae [KLLO] or Phoebe Lou [Two People] atop shimmering dance beats, Pretty Girl and her debut EP get a major thumbs up. Watch this space.

FKA, Central Cee - Measure of a ManFKA Twigs, Ft. Central Cee

Measure of a Man

FKA Twigs invokes a wonderfully indulgent cabaret tone in her latest single from motion picture release,“The Kings Man.” Featuring UK’s Central Cee, ‘Measure of a Man’ is evocative, sultry, and a touch theatrical. But FKA’s commanding vocal presence reigns the whole thing back from the edges of pastiche, so that in the end this is a thoroughly enjoyable slice of musical theatre from an artist that can seemingly do no wrong.