Cabasse Santorin 30 SKU CAB-ENC1107-0
RRP $7,799.99
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Cabasse Santorin 30

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Cabasse Santorin 30 SKU CAB-ENC1107-0
RRP $7,799.99
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The Cabasse Santorin 30 is a high end 12 inch, 500 Watt subwoofer with true parametric room tuning system. Ideal for larger rooms and to partner the Cabasse Baltic speakers.

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The Santorin 30 subwoofer concentrates in a compact format the technical solutions applied in the low-frequency section of the Cabasse flagship speaker “La Sphère”:. The 12 inch honeycomb dome woofer used in the Santorin 30 is placed in a sealed cabinet, and it is partnered with a 500 Watt RMS digital amplifier which adjusts all parameters thanks to its built in Cabasse acoustical analysis siftware which corrects room acoustics.

The flat and deep, dynamic and controlled low-frequencies of the Santorin 30 make it the perfect partner for Baltic and Riga to create exceptional stereo and multi channel systems in any type of listening room.

Enclosure Type Down Firing Sealed Unit
Bass Driver 12 inch Honeycomb Dome
Amplifier Power 500 Watts RMS / 1000 Watts Peak
Frequency Response 22Hz - 200Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 430 x 380 x 470 mm
Weight 28kg
Colour  Pearl, Black Pearl
Why Cabasse
  • French specialist speaker manufacturer
  • Established in 1950 by Georges Cabasse
  • Unparalleled technical exactness
  • Unmatched know-how in electro-acoustics
  • Complete respect of natural sounds