TIBO Bond 2


Thanks to the TIBO Bond 2 you can turn any Hi-Fi system into a wireless music streaming Hi-Fi system.

Make your existing Hi-Fi a Smart Hi-Fi
With this simple little box you can make your existing Hi-Fi systen capable of playing wireless streaming music in high resolution. Simply connect the Bond 2 to your Wi-Fi network, download the free TIBO app for your smartphone or tablet and you’re good to start streaming music. The only connection required between the Bond 2 and your Hi-Fi is a simple 3.5mm or 3.5mm to RCA phono interconnect. You can also stream via Bluetooth if you prefer.

If it’s on your phone you can stream it
Once you’re connected you can stream all the music from your smartphone or tablet. All your stored music plus streaming services such as Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Tunein etc. is now available to listen to.

TIBO multi-room compatible
The Bond 2 is also compatible with TIBO’s multi-room, multi-play system. Add other compatible TIBO products such as Vogue, Sphere and Choros Tap models and you can soon build up a comprehensive multi-room system around your home.

Control it all with the TIBO app
TIBO's free app doesn't just control the streamer's basic functions it also lets you stream separate audio to different (compatible) TIBO devices. This means that Spotify might be streaming to the system in your bedroom while TIDAL is streaming to the kitchen speaker.

TIBO Bond 2 supports audio streaming from smartphone, tablets, PC, DLNA enabled NAS servers or your favorite music service over your Wi-Fi network. Control music all in one place. The easy to use TIBO app for IOS and Android turns your smart device into a remote control.

Bond lets you enjoy your music everywhere. Synchronise music throughout your home or play different in each room from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

With the Bond 2 you also can connect product via the 8 pin DIN L/R which is perfect for B&O Powerlink, also with the line in and out you are able to daisy chain products.

Bring your existing Hi-Fi to the streaming revolution, with the TIBO Bond 2.

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