QED C-UF/200 Ultraflat Cable

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Ultra-Flat loudspeaker cable offers great sound quality in an amazingly versatile format. With a depth of only 1mm and the use of multiple solid core 99.999% OFC conductors in a flexible PVC dielectric, Ultra-Flat can be folded - even through 90 degrees! - and remain in place. This is ideal when it comes to running cables to five speakers in various parts of a room. Around corners? Under carpets? - no problem for Ultra-Flat!


  • Price Per Metre
  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper solid core conductors
  • Conductor cross sectional area 2 x 1.17mm2 (2 x 6 in-line conductors)
  • Flexible PVC insulation - grooved for ease of separation
  • Neutral white finish
  • Available in 200m reels
  • QED Lifetime guarantee

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