Proficient Audio W695s


Here's the best 6½-inch single-woofer in-wall we've ever offered. The Signature W695s has a Kevlar-cone woofer for ultra-deep bass power and low distortion, and a pivoting aluminum-dome tweeter for clear, extended treble. High sensitivity means that even a low-powered amplifier can get the Signature W695s really cranking!

As Good As It Gets Kevlar fiber can't stretch, which is why it reduces distortion in a speaker and why we chose it for the Signature W695s's woofer cone. The Signature W695s's 6½-inch Kevlar woofer puts out incredible bass down to 32 Hz, which is lower even than some subwoofers can play! A cast magnesium basket provides a super-stiff frame for the powerful woofer.

The Signature W695s's 1-inch aluminum-dome reproduces high frequencies with clarity and power, and it also pivots so you can direct the sound where you need it. Boost switches for bass and treble provide an extra +3 dB kick when it's needed. With 92 dB sensitivity and 150-watt power handling, the Signature W695s works great with amplifiers of any power rating. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

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