Quad Platinum Stereo


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Platinum Stereo power amplifier has been designed with the highest quality components and features extremely wide frequency bandwidth to accurately reproduce recorded music. It is designed and is capable of driving the most difficult loads.

The Platinum Stereo sports connection terminals of the highest quality, with a choice of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs as well as rugged, gold-plated speaker terminals to accommodate traditional or bi-wiring configurations, according to your requirements.A 12V trigger is also provided, allowing the amps to power up and down automatically with the Platinum DMP.

Platinum Series components are designed to work together seamlessly, optimising high-definition signal transfer whilst also ensuring compatibility with the widest range of partnering equipment. The Platinum amps will happily drive any loudspeaker the user chooses from conventional hi-fi loudspeakers to Quad's own ESL series.

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