Wharfedale Obsidian 600 HCP


While focused on functionality, aesthetics, and a very significant price / quality correlation, the Wharfedale 600HCP Home Theatre System allows for only the most powerful and captivating sound reproductions.The lifelike sound produced by the Obsidian 600 system helps enthusiasts rediscover their favourite movies and music, time and time again.

Designed to capture every detail, the Obsidian system delivers every word, whisper and note with unbelievable power and precision.

It consists of one pair of Obsidian Tower speakers, each with a side-firing 8 inch woofer to shake your room. A pair of Obsidian Surrounds supplied with wall mounts to allow placement versatility, and an Obsidian Centre speaker.

The relative high sensitivity and easy load of these speakers, enable AV receivers of modest price levels to work to their full potential. Dynamic range and weight have never been better exhibited in speakers of such a slim stature.

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