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The NuForce Reference Series stereo amplifiers are designed for both high-performance stereo and home-theater use. They can be used for bi-amping, tri-amping and home-theater mixing-and-matching when used with NuForce AVP (Audio-Video Processor) products. The Reference Series stereo amplifiers are standardized on a platform consisting of amplifier, power-supply and capacitor modules, any of which can be upgraded when new technology becomes available. Advancements in technology will never render NuForce stereo amps obsolete. NuForce stereo amplifiers come with a three-year warranty.

Utilizing the same V3 circuit board as the NuForce celebrated mono amps, the Stereo 8.5 V3 is the most powerful and compact stereo amplifier on the market. Among the 8.5 V3's features is a half-size Ref 9V3SE capacitor board for near-SE level performance. Available in black

Configuration Mono Input: RCA
Frequency Response 20 Hz -0.3dB to 120 kHz -3dB
Power/Load 8 ohm, 4 ohm, 2 ohm
Peak Output Power >8 ohm (288W) 4 ohm (576W) 2ohm (1125W) (20 ms hold time)
RMS Power 8 ohm (150W) 4 ohm (200W) 2 ohm (200W)
Input Impedance 22k ohm
Input Sensitivity 2.57V, 100W @ 8 Ohm
1.81V, 100W @ 4 Ohm
THD+N 0.01%, 1kHz, 1W to 10W, A Weighted
Gain 21 db
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 6 x 215 x 400
Weight 4 kg

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