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NOTE: This is a B-Grade refurbished product and was used as a demonstration product by our in-house audio professionals. Item has all components, original packaging and is in "like new" condition.

NuForce IA-18 Integrated Amplifier is a single-chassis integrated stereo amplifier of unprecedented value and performance capabilities. This remarkable unit incorporates components used in NuForce’s celebrated Reference Series products. These include much of the same circuitry as the P-20, our most recent flagship preamplifier, a Cross Matrix Array (CMA) capacitor module, and two V3 output amplifier modules.

The IA-18 features five analog RCA inputs and the same stylish touch-strip control panel as that of its reference sibling. Paramount among the IA-18’s strengths is its volume control, which, like the P-20’s, consists of a switched-resistor ladder network consisting of the latest advances in thin-film technology. With near-perfect exactitude and a noise-floor approaching the vanishing point, the volume control operates by way of a single thin-film, ultra-low-noise resistor in the signal path for each of its 0.5dB gain settings, allowing for precise volume adjustment for each channel in discrete, 0.5dB steps.
Following the preamplifier stage, the CMA capacitor bank’s pure DC power enables the V3 amplifier modules to drive loudspeakers with absolute authority, harmonic integrity, and a level of detail that, taken together, reveal a recording’s innermost aspects. The listener will be especially impressed by the IA-18’s crystalline, fatigue-free, holographic soundstage.
The amp is offered in a black or silver sand-blasted anodized aluminum case and includes a custom-designed remote that permits operation of all of the unit’s functions from listening position. Delivering a performance that closely matches that of our Reference Series models, the IA-18 is equal to, or better than, any integrated amplifier available today – or quite likely in the future.

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