Mission QX-12 Subwoofer


Founded in the 1970s as a company dedicated to acoustic innovation, Mission quickly established itself as a leading loudspeaker manufacturer with models like the iconic Mission 700 the first of its kind to introduce inverted bass & treble arrangements. Today, Mission very cleverly fuses Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design to deliver on its mantra: music is the master, technology is the slave.

Surround speakers are about ensuring you never again pay a fortune for a night out at the movies. Why take out a loan for choc tops? A great surround speaker will have an Ethan Hunt halo jump over Paris at 30,000 ft shake the ice cubes in your G&T, which, wonderfully, you can pause to refill.


Feel the high-impact excitement from true home theatre or find a deeper level of texture from your favourite albums. Utilising a 12-inch (300mm) long throw bass driver, QX-12SUB delivers astounding low-end performance for both movies and music.


QX-12SUB features a 1 x 300mm long-throw paper cone delivering a frequency response between 35Hz - 120Hz. Harnessing a 300W power amplifier with a 450W peak power output, the QX-12 SUB provides fast, accurate and compelling bass response.


QX12 SUB's built-in amplifier is optimised for high impact at low frequencies. So, the ground pound of a T-Rex chasing Jeff Goldblum through Jurassic Park will shake loose the kernels in your buttery bowl of homemade popcorn.


A specially engineered 300mm paper cone, with increased self-damping, further reinforces the cone’s structural rigidity to deliver massive bass impact. So, you don’t just hear an Ethan Hunt halo jump at 30,000ft over Paris; you feel it.


Forget powering up and powering down your subwoofer every time you want to play. The QX-12 SUB incorporates an auto power sensor sensitive enough to detect extremely low-level signals, engaging automatic activation of the subwoofer when required.


QX-12 SUBs continuously adjustable slope, from 30Hz to 150Hz (@33dB), enables seamless acoustic integration with your speaker’s performance. So, you can accurately adjust the subwoofer to do the low-end heavy lifting, taking the load off your loudspeakers.

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Mission QX-12 Subwoofer

Technical specifications

General Description Active Dynamic-Drive Subwoofer System
Drive Units 1 x (12") 300mm Cone Long-throw
Frequency Response 35 - 120Hz 33dB
Amp Power Output 300W
Peak Power Output 450W
Line Input Sensitivity 200mv for maximum output
Crossover Range 30 - 150Hz
Inputs Stereo Line in (2 x RCA phono); Mono (LFE) Line In (RCA) phono)
Input Impedance Line Input 10kΩ; LFE 5kΩ
Signal to Noise ratio >85dB
Avg. Max Output @ 1M 118dB
Features Phase Inversion, Auto On-off
Dimensions (HxWxD) 478mm x 400 x 465mm
Net Weight 23.0kg
Accessories IEC Power Cord

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