Elysian 2 Bookshelf Speakers



Wharfedale’s Elysian series is much like Bob Dylan circa Blonde on Blonde: an unrivalled and superbly tailored storyteller. Like Bob, no longer content to play just one way, Elysian was specifically designed to shake up the high end of hifi. Years of R&D, AMT technology, and a six-coat, hand-polished, true piano-lacquer finish combine to deliver audio par excellence. Elysian is a luxury audio experience. But, in true Wharfedale fashion, we refuse to make you pay a premium for loudspeakers, luxury or not. So we decimated the competition on price. This way, you can purchase a pair of ultra high-end loudspeakers and still have pocket change.


Elysian’s AMT (Air Motion Transformer) is a radically different way of moving air. A large, pleated and lightweight diaphragm is driven across its surface by strategically placed metallic strips immersed in a strong magnetic field. The pleats expand and contract, squeezing air between them to create the waveform. The results are transformative. Highly efficient and highly accurate, violins cry in exquisite detail and sopranos soar to previously unimaginable heights. Elysian’s AMT technology transports you from the listening room to the recording studio, from the lounge to the live stage, telling – in truth – the full story of your favourite recordings.

Years of R&D went into Elysian’s unique, woven glass-fibre cone to match the accuracy of the AMT. With a coat of high plasticity to control its acoustic behaviour, we created a strong, low-mass diaphragm to offer you incredible acoustic performance and speaker efficiency, making component-matching a breeze. A central phase plug, specially shaped to linearise output across a wide bandwidth, widens your listening position while giving astonishing reality to voices and instruments. So no matter their placement, no matter the room, Elysian brings vocalists into the acoustic space to deliver you a breathtaking experience, everytime.

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