CS 415-2 Fully Automatic Turntable


We know how scary and often how confusing your first record player can be, so we designed a vintage plug n’ play turntable with no parts to balance and nothing to assemble. Simply remove the travel clips, plug it in and go. And because cuing records is old news, the CS 415 is entirely automatic. You just slip on a record and flick start; it’s that easy. But simple shouldn’t mean cheap. That’s why Dual turntables are German made. This way we can ensure your favourite albums are still spinning long after the anniversary edition re-releases.

As a first or returning turntable user you need options. Will you want an amplifier or will you plug straight into an existing speaker; it’s your choice. So to ensure you have those choices, the CS 415 is available with or without an internal phono preamplifier (see below). We’ve included a vibration-damping wooden chassis, aluminium platter with antistatic felt mat, and an automatic return tonearm – everything to ensure your analogue experience is the real deal.

At Dual we understand that buying online makes peace of mind important. That means zero hiccups when your new turntable arrives. Taking this into account, each Dual turntable is carefully packaged, incorporating the use of uniquely designed travel clips, to ensure your turntable remains pristine no matter where it’s going. And because we want you up and running fast, and entirely stress free, we’ve provided an easy setup instruction guide, helping you get it right the first time.

Welcome to team analogue and the beginning of your lifelong love affair with music.


Turntables can be plugged into two types of system: amplifiers (stereo & surround sound) or Bluetooth & Powered Speakers.

If you have a stereo or surround sound amplifier, check your input selection/connections. If there is an input labelled PHONO, choose the CS 415-2 without internal phono preamplifier. If it doesn’t, choose CS 415-2 EV with internal phono preamplifier.

If you have either Bluetooth or powered speaker(s), you'll need to do the same. If there is no input labelled PHONO, and for Bluetooth and powered speakers this is often the case, choose CS 415-2 EV with inbuilt phono preamplifier.

Remember, without a phono preamplifier somewhere within your setup there is no sound through your speakers.

Speed ​​in rpm: 33/45
Synchronization fluctuations: +/- 0.12% DIN
Rumpel-external voltage distance: 40 dB
Rumble to noise ratio: 62 dB
Pickup system: Audio Technica AT-91E
Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Connections: 1 x RCA stereo cable, 1 x ground cable
Dimensions (WxHxD): 420 x 125 x 360 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg
Colour: Black silver
Power supply: 12V DC, 150 mA

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