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Inventor of the technology behind coaxial speakers which has forged the reputation of the brand for decades, Cabasse has achieved another technological feat with THE PEARL AKOYA: develop and integrate into a reduced spherical volume (32cm for THE PEARL vs 22cm for THE PEARL AKOYA), the most compact tri-axial speaker ever created (bass, medium and new carbon & neodymium coaxial tweeter) taking up at little space possible for maximum power and larger, smoother response in frequency ranging from 30Hz to 27,000Hz without accidental directivity, coloration or distortion. Music played by THE PEARL AKOYA is liberated from all technical constraint to become pure emotion.

With the power equivalent of a classical orchestra (115 dB) and the acoustic expertise from Cabasse, THE PEARL AKOYA faithfully respects all the dynamics of audio sources. Its 17cm woofer offers over 20mm of linear excursion, resulting in the richest level of bass available on the market.

As with all speakers from the high-end collection of Cabasse speakers, such as La Sphère, this new speaker is equipped with the Cabasse patented automatic calibration system (CRCS) for an optimized acoustic experience no matter where the speaker is located.

It is also possible to create a stereo system with unrivaled performance by connecting two THE PEARL AKOYA speakers through a simple Wifi connection, and without an additional box or hub, making it possible to listen to digital audio sources. It is also possible to listen to television, a CD player, or even a combination platinum and phono stage for listening to vinyls through its optical or 3.5mm jack inputs.


THE PEARL AKOYA plays the card of seduction. Its spherical form brings to mind, just like the jewel in its name, both gentleness and strength, all in compliance with the strict demands of the French brand, resulting in spatial coherence that is beyond compare. The function dictates the form.

Its noble material enhances its performance: not less than 6 layers of lacquer are necessary to obtain the best result in 2 available finishes: metallic black with pure chromium rings, or pearl white with silver rings. Not to mention the carbon membranes, the aluminum dissipater and driver, the double reinforced casing with buffered finishing and a magnetic, metal grill with the Cabasse logo… all of which make THE PEARL AKOYA a technological beauty.


THE PEARL AKOYA, equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connections, is perfectly compatible with Cabasse StreamCONTROL multi-room systems and can read all formats of digital audio: ranging from MP3, AAC, WMA to ultra-high definition files such as AIFF, FLAC and ALAC, whether they are stocked on external hard drives, computers or offered by internet radio or online streaming services readily available in the StreamCONTROL application (Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Napster, Tidal…). Controllable by voice, THE PEARL AKOYA is compatible, and without adding an additional box or router, with the entire range of Cabasse streaming systems for an exceptional acoustic experience in multi-room audio.


THE PEARL AKOYA comes with a wireless controller with sophisticated finish, as well as ergonomically refined design. No need to use a smartphone, just simply use the Bluetooth controller, which can be held in the palm of your hand, to easily control the speaker.


  • 115 dB mono peak, 121 dB stereo peak.
  • Amplification of 2,100 W peak and 1,050 W RMS: power that faithfully respects the dynamics of audio sources.
  • 17cm HELD (High Excursion, Low Distortion) woofer.
  • 20mm exceptional linear throw.
  • Extremely sturdy carbon membrane without deformation for distortion-free rendering.
  • Patented BCI midrange tweeter and high-strength carbon membrane.
  • Compact dimensions: 220 x 220 x 220 mm
  • Unsurpassed fidelity: high resolution 24bit/192Khz files.
  • Exceptional rendering: Cabasse algorithms maximize the power sent to each speaker in real-time.
  • 360° homogeneous directivity: 30 years of Cabasse acoustic R&D in signal processing.
  • In stereo: impressive sound scene, wide and deep, thanks to patented coaxial Cabasse technology, as well as perfectly controlled network synchronization.
  • Mono – stereo – wireless active speaker – multi-room – Bluetooth – WiFi
  • Automatic calibration: Cabasse Room Compensation System
  • Streaming services: Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Napster, Tidal…
  • Voice control: Google Home
  • Transportable: includes a custom-made carrier case designed for THE PEARL AKOYA and its accessories
  • A programmable Bluetooth controller

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