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QUAD is proud to introduce the 9AS, based on the mini-monitor concept of the deservedly popular Quad 9L.

The 9AS is a brand new design featuring a new high frequency driver with associated waveguide front plate and the classic Quad woven Kevlar bass speaker, both of which are individually powered by a low distortion Class AB amplifier via a sophisticated active crossover.

If you expect the 9AS Active mini-monitor to be suitable for near field monitoring in the studio, of course it is. But 9AS is much more than just a standard active speaker. Look behind and youll find inputs for a variety of digital sources, making 9AS compatible with CD players, PCs, MacBooks, iPods or Smartphones as well as analogue sources, making the 9AS the heart of a modern, compact, high quality audio system.

Switching between the inputs is done by the touch sensitive input controls on the front panel or via the remote control.

A high quality DAC caters to the digital inputs with up to 24 bit/192kHz accuracy. USB, Coaxial and Optical digital inputs allow a variety of ways to connect and switch between your digital sources. The 9AS also has a rear panel Analogue input as well as a side pounted 3.5mm analogue (AUX) jack for even more convenience.

The 9AS also has a dedicated output to drive an active subwoofer such as the Quad L-ite Plus Subwoofer.

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