2021: A Space Oasis


No space for a stereo? No sweat. Our 2021: A Space Oasis is a wireless vinyl stereo system designed to suit any listening space. Both the CS 435-1 EV turntable and Wharfedale’s A1 Bookshelf speakers are fully independent of one another (no speaker cable necessary). Simply find the perfect spot to showcase your new Dual turntable, then place your speakers anywhere you like – up to 20m away! And with a range of included digital inputs housed in an iconic vinyl aesthetic, the 2021: A Space Oasis is your true future-classic stereo system.


CS 435-1 EV is a traditional 70s style turntable with complete automatic functionality. So there’s no record cuing hassles and no awkward tonearm returns, just an effortless love affair with your growing vinyl collection. We’ve also included a solid wood chassis, aluminium platter with anti-static felt mat, and an Audio Technica AT-91 needle to deliver you the most fulfilling analog experience. And because we appreciate how precious your records are, Dual turntables are German made. That way we can ensure your favourite records are still spinning long after the anniversary edition re-releases.


Forget amplifiers, cables and unwanted components, Wharfedale’s Diamond Active A1 Bookshelf loudspeakers are the complete two-channel stereo experience. With a range of up to 20 metres, A1 speakers talk wirelessly to the H1 Hub, offering you the freedom to organise your listening space however best it suits. And with RCA inputs for your turntable, digital inputs for gaming consoles and Blu-Ray – plus Bluetooth with aptX, all your music bases are covered. Whether your low on space or simply prefer a minimal audio aesthetic, the Diamond A1 Active speakers deliver more for less.

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