Cabasse Minorca IW SKU CAB-ENC1123

Regular Price: $1,999.99

Special Price $1,199.99

Cabasse Minorca IW

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Cabasse Minorca IW SKU CAB-ENC1123

Regular Price: $1,999.99

Special Price $1,199.99

Fitted with the coaxial midrange-tweeter BC10 and a new Duocell based 6.5 inch woofer, Minorca IW is the first three-way in-wall speaker that combines all the sound qualities of the Cabasse SCS (Spatially Coherent Source) technology.

Product Description


The Minorca In Wall speaker is part of the new MC40 range from Cabasse.

With the introduction of SCS high-end technology in this price range, Cabasse invites you to discover a new sonic world rich of precision, realism and 3D sound stage.

Fitted with the new BC10 2-way coaxial unit and 6.5 inch Duocell woofers, this 3-way speakers bring live sound emotion with elegance and unrivaled value.

Bass Driver 6.5 inch Duocell® cone
Midrange 4 inch P2C Cone (BC10)
Tweeter 1.1 inch Polyether Dome (BC10)
Frequency Response 57Hz - 22kHz
Power Handling 40 Watts RMS / 320 Watts Peak
Sensitivity 89.5dB
Nominal Impedence 8 Ohms
External Dimensions (H x W) 232 x 318 mm
Cutout (H x W) 178 x 272 mm
Mounting Depth 84 mm
Why Cabasse
  • French specialist speaker manufacturer
  • Established in 1950 by Georges Cabasse
  • Unparalleled technical exactness
  • Unmatched know-how in electro-acoustics
  • Complete respect of natural sounds