Ekco EV-55DP CD Player/Pre Amplifier SKU E-EV55DP-BL
RRP $4,399.99

Ekco EV-55DP CD Player/Pre Amplifier

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Ekco EV-55DP CD Player/Pre Amplifier SKU E-EV55DP-BL
RRP $4,399.99

The best of both worlds.

The Ekco EV55DP lets you switch between valve or solid state outputs, letting you tailor your sound.

Product Description


The EV55DP is a compact disc player which plays regular music CDs as well as digital media through a USB input.

At  first look the EV55DP catches the eye due to its classic wood enclosure, however on the inside it is equipped with the best possible circuitry used in present day digital engineering. Built to mouth watering specifications, this is a pure music lover’s CD player through and through.

It has the capability to increase the detail levels in your CD collection as well as link up with coaxial and USB sources. It can be used as a stand-alone player with use of its remote handset, or integrated with the EV55SE Integrated Amplifier.

Resolution 24 bit/192kHz
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz (+/- 0.2dB)
Dynamic Range >95dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >100dB
Digital Inputs

2 x Coaxial

1 x USB (Type B)

Digital Outputs

1 x Coaxial

1 x Optical TosLink

Analogue Outputs

1 x Unbalanced Variable Output

1 x Unbalanced Fixed Output

1 x 6.35mm Headphone Output

Vaccum Tube Used ECC82 (12AU7)
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 115 × 420 × 314
Weight 6.8 kg
Colour Choice Louro Preto
Why Ekco
  • British hi-fi electronics company
  • Established in 1926
  • In Australia since the 1950's
  • Specialises in vacuum tube electronics