Quad Elite PRE SKU Q-E-PRE
RRP $2,199.99

Quad Elite PRE

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Quad Elite PRE SKU Q-E-PRE
RRP $2,199.99

Through careful component selection and re-tuning of its signal path, the Elite Pre has even greater musical transparency than its 99 series predeccessor.

Aside from these updates, Quad has still maintained its advanced features including the QUADLINK and AMPBUS connectivity, allowing the user to connect an almost unlimited number of sources with optimal synchronization.


Product Description


The Elite Pre forms the heart of any system in which it is placed, and a great deal of work has been undertaken to further enhance the excellent levels of musical transparency delivered by its 99 Series predecessor.

This has been achieved by careful component selection and re-tuning of the signal path, whilst maintaining the advanced facilities that are unique to Quad's solid-state pre-amps, including QUADLINK™ and AMPBUS connectivity, bypass-switchable filter adjustment for bass and treble, and Quad's unique "Tilt" control that tailors the entire frequency response to suit the user's preferred balance.

The Elite Pre is packed with technical innovation including noiseless soild-state signal switching and digitally addressed analogue volume and balance controls, which track both left and right channels with exceptional accuracy (better than 0.1dB). A highly specified built-in phono stage is provided for analogue turntables too.

Inputs 3 x Aux RCA, 1 x Tape and 1 x Phono MM (MC)
Frequency Response

1Hz - 20kHz (+0dB / -0.3dB)

0.1Hz - 55kHz (+/- 3dB)

20Hz - 20kHz (+/- 0.4dB) - Phono Input

Phono Inputs Sensitivity 1, 3, 7.75mV (100, 300 or 775µV)
Phono Inputs S/N Ratio 78dB (A) ref 7.75mV (775µV)
Phono Inputs THD < 0.05% (0.01%)
RCA Phono Output Level 775mV (3.3V Max)
RCA Phono Output Impedance 100Ω
AMPBUS Output Level 2V (8V Max)
AMPBUS Impedance 20Ω
Tape Output Level 10, 300, 775mV (10V Max)
Tape Output Impedance 330
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 80 x 321 x 310mm
Weight 4.5kg
Available Colours Black