TIBO Vogue 3

$385 $549.99

The TIBO Vogue 3 combines a unique, innovative wood and cloth design to make a speaker that stands out in any environment. TIBO Vogue 3 is transportable, rechargeable complete with a carry handle. This active speaker makes music entertainment available whenever and wherever it is need.

Controlled by the FREE TIBO app and with TIBO Bounce as standard, TIBO Vogue 3 uses Smart Audio to generate great, high resolution sound which can be streamed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Vogue 3 can be used on its own or in group mode connected to one of more Smart Audio speakers at the touch of a button. It is a multiroom active speaker complete with 5 pre-sets for streaming thousands of internet radio stations and playlists.

The TIBO app supports Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Tunein, iheartradio Etc. You can charge your mobile device using USB and you can even connect external devices such as turntable, CD, and game consoles. Then you can bounce the music from these all around your home.

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