TIBO Kameleon 4

$350 $499.99

TIBO Kamelion delivers the ultimate sound experience. It allows the user to enjoy all their music from a multitude of sources with a full and natural sound reproduction. It can be used to play High Resolution Audio, streamed via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Stereo or group mode are at the touch f a button. The speaker can be used on its own, or paired to recreate stereo sound. Plus, the five pre-sets allow thousands of internet radio stations and playlists to be readily available.

The TIBO Kameleon 4 has full TIBO Bounce capability and can be controlled with the easy to use functionality of the FREE TIBO app. The TIBO app supports Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Tunein, iheartradio etc.

You can also free up clutter by using the built-in USB socket to charge your mobile device using, and you can even connect external devices such as turntable, CD, or game consoles . Then you can bounce the music from these all around your home.

In order to better match individual home décor, the TIBO Kameleon 4 comes with 3 sets of changeable side panels in White, Grey and Walnut.

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