Proficient Audio W682


Graphite impregnated woofer cones simply sound great clean, powerful and natural. The W682's stiff, high excursion 6½ inch graphite woofer delivers deep bass response all the way down to 32Hz, lower than a lot of tower speakers can play.

Proficient's pivoting aluminium tweeter puts out low distortion treble in any direction you choose. Switches for +3dB bass and treble boost fine tune the sound. The W682 delivers 92dB of sound with just a 1 watt signal! That means it needs less than half the power of a typical speaker, so it'll really rock even with a low-powered amp.

And with 125 watt power handling, it'll rock really hard with a big amp! Thanks to our sturdy dogleg mounting system, it's easy to install, too.

Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets

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