Proficient Audio C825TT SKU PR-PAS12825
RRP $749.99

Proficient Audio C825TT

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Proficient Audio C825TT SKU PR-PAS12825
RRP $749.99

The rigid graphite-cone woofer makes the C825TT one of the world's best-sounding single-stereo speakers. Because it reproduces both left and right channels one C825TT can replace two conventional stereo speakers. It's an ideal speaker choice anywhere you don't have the space or need for a pair of speakers.

Product Description


With the C825TT in-ceiling speakers, you get truly great stereo sound even in tight spaces. It uses a dual-voice-coil 8-inch woofer with the same graphite cone material found in many of Proficient's better in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

The stiffness of the graphite gives you much less distortion, extremely clear sound and a deep bass response down to 28Hz. The C825TT's low-distortion 1-inch aluminium tweeters pivot so you can adjust the stereo effect.

Power handling of 150 watts means the C825TT can really crank out the sound for parties, while its high sensitivity of 92dB means it needs just one-third the power of a typical speaker. Tone switches let you boost bass and/or treble by 3dB.

Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

Woofer DUAL VC 8 inch Graphite Cone
Tweeter DUAL 1 inch PIVOTING Aluminium Dome
Frequency Response 28Hz - 22kHz
Sensitivity 92dB
Power Handling 150 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
EQ Switches +/-3dB Bass & Treble
External Dimensions 283mm
Cutout Diameter 247mm
Mounting Depth 116mm
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