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Wharfedale announces its new Brand Logo

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 21 June 2017 2561 Views
Wharfedale announces its new Brand Logo

Wharfedale was the brain child of Gilber Briggs, who in 1932 founded what was originally known as Wharfedale Wireless Works.

Little did he know back then that Wharfedale would become one of the world's most recognised speaker brands, and also one of the oldest speaker brands still in existence, and in fact also (arguably) the oldest speaker brand sold in Australia.

To stay ahead of its competitors Wharfedale has always been an innovator, and a leader in loudspeaker design and technology, and this year to celebrate its 85th anniversary, Wharfedale has also decided to give its branding a facelift with a completely new logo design that will make its way onto all its new products.

Wharfedale's all new logo design reflects the company's new and more modern product designs and is in keeping with today's more visually appealing designs for branding.

We love this new and modern logo design, and even more so because we are also proud that this new and exciting design was designed right here in Australia.

We hope you love the new look as much as we do.