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The Benefits of Digital Music over Compact Disc

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 24 August 2017 6696 Views
The Benefits of Digital Music over Compact Disc

Want to hear an obscure live recording of your favourite blues band? Chances are you can pull it up online and have it playing through your speakers within seconds. The same goes for music from upcoming musicians who can now promote and spread their music much more easily and more affordably than ever before online.

Another of the great things about streaming is that you can take advantage of subscription-based programs like Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play to create customised playlists based on your preferences. This makes the discovery of new music a complete joy.

Storage and portability

Want to pass on a digital music file from your music library? You can quickly add it to a USB or burn it onto a disc if copyright allows. Even Spotify playlists can be downloaded to your phone for when you’re out of reception. Digital music files take up miniscule amounts of space on a hard drive or thumb drive, and by now many music lovers will have digitised their entire music libraries.

Of course, the difference between a 50MB song on a CD and its 5MB digital equivalent does mean some loss in audio quality, so you may still choose to pop on the CD or vinyl if you are sitting down to listen closely to an entire album. Tidal is one service that offers high resolution digital files that are comparable to CD quality, available for a premium subscription.

Wireless audio streaming

If you’re sitting on the couch after dinner, there is nothing more convenient than being able to tap a button on your phone or laptop and hear a song or playlist emanate from the speakers effortlessly. It’s now a given that your home sound system should include functionality for wireless audio streaming, whether through Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Most of our devices now offer the ability to stream digital music, which makes sharing and enjoying music incredibly easy.

While digital music offers plenty of appealing factors, there is still benefit in having CD player functionality within your system. It’s even better to have input options for whatever source you choose.

The next big audio trend? Well, perhaps it’s not so new. Vinyl actually outsold digital music in November last year, harking back to the warm sound qualities of yesteryear. Truth be told, we’re all for listening to your music any way that floats your boat.