Audiolab 8200M Mono-Block Amplifier SKU A-8200M-SIL
RRP $2,999.99

Audiolab 8200M Mono-Block Amplifier

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Audiolab 8200M Mono-Block Amplifier SKU A-8200M-SIL
RRP $2,999.99

Slimline Mono Amplifier with latest Audiolab design topology delivers 125 Watts of power to drive even demanding speakers.

Product Description


Using two mono-bloc amplifiers, rather than a two-channel stereo power amplifier, can significantly improve the performance of any hi-fi system. The 8200M builds upon the template provided by the 8200P to deliver a single-channel amplifier of exceptional talent.

Each 8200M delivers 125W of crisp, clean current, sufficient to drive any loudspeaker comfortably, with plenty in reserve for dramatic dynamic swings. Speed and resolution are exceptional, ensuring every detail is captured with crystalline clarity, whilst the overall musical message is conveyed with masterful authority.

Flexibility is a key facet of this compact powerhouse. A single pair of 8200Ms may be used in conjunction with a preamp in a two-channel stereo system; or several pairs may be daisy-chained to further improve headroom in bi-amped or even tri-amped systems. They’re ideal for use in high-performance home cinema systems too, combining dramatic power and subtle musicality in thoroughly engaging fashion. Like all Audiolab amplifiers, the 8200Ms are gain-matched, ensuring perfect integration with other Audiolab amp components – so you can start at the level that suits you best, and build up your system over time.

Rated Power Output  125W rms into 8 ohm / 200W rms into 4 ohm 
Frequency Response  0.1Hz - 75kHz (-3dB) 
Input Sensitivity  1.12V rms 
Input Impedence  50kΩ 
Gain  29.0dB at 1kHz 
Signal-to-Noise Ratio  Better than 96dB 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  Less than 0.05% 
Inputs  Single-ended RCA 
Dimensions (H x W x D)  78 x 445 x 337mm 
Weight  8.2kg each 
Colour Choice  Black or Silver 
Why Audiolab
  • Highly respected British name
  • Specialises in Digital Audio technology
  • Multi-Award Winning products
  • At the forefront of DAC technology